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Force Laboratory

【Pre-order】Star Wars wampa ice creature Snow Monster 1/4 Statue

【Pre-order】Star Wars wampa ice creature Snow Monster 1/4 Statue

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The Wampa Ice Beast  Snow Monster Statue in the Force Laboratory

Appearing in Empire Strikes Back, Wampa grows on the planet Hos and is a terrifying creature

The piercing cold allowed Wampa to grow thick hair, and white body hair was also a perfect disguise

Soup is one of Wampa's favorite hunting foods

【Product proportion】1/4

【 Product Size 】 73 * 54 * 54CM

【 Product Limit 】 80

【 Product Pricing 】 The booking price is 999 USD, with a deposit of 300 USD,Excluding shipping costs

【 Product Material 】 Poly resin, PU, real artificial snow powder

The configuration can replace two hand shapes, bone lifting palm and single palm, making it easy to place different effects

Shipping time: expected in the second quarter of 2024 (refer to the studio's notification for specific shipping time)

After the product is shipped, the reserved customers will be notified by email, and the final payment and shipping fee will be paid

If you have any further questions, you can always send us a customer service email!

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